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Fresh organic raw milk (A2) and milk products from desi cows

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SK Raghav and Sandeep Rajput are filmmakers and have made a documentary on Hetha. This endeavor has not been funded by Hetha. We thank the filmmakers for their effort.

We are a bunch of passionate folks from diverse backgrounds with a zeal to :

- Provide organic raw milk and its products from desi(indigenous) cows to the masses.
- Raise awareness about the superior quality of milk from our desi breed of cows.

Hetha is committed to the ethical treatment of cows. Our vision is to showcase the superior quality of milk drawn from indigenous breed of cows. All cows in our farms are fed organic fodder grown on land which is cultivated by cow dung and is free from any chemical sprays.
No urea, hormones or other crap is used.

Hetha monitors its farms to ensure highest quality of milk. Cows have access to organic green fodder and clean water throughout the day. They are not tied and are free to roam around in vast open areas.

All cows are monitored against diseases to ensure the highest quality of milk standards. In the event a cow is diagnosed with a disease, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicines are administered unless antibiotics or drugs are really needed. Milk is not taken from the diseased cow and it is separated from the herd till the time the cow completely recovers. 

Fresh organic raw desi cow milk and other products from desi cows to your doorstep.

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Fssai license no. : 12716052000263